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Over recent months, I've been holding a John Foxx Album Poll on my main Foxx page, but have thought that now, after the announcement of a further nine albums to add to the John Foxx collection, is the time to close the book on it and announce the results. The poll has caused a certain amount of comment on the chat forum on the
Metamatic site, not least from a certain faction now dubbed "The Enemies Of In Mysterious Ways".

There is no doubt that there has been a certain amount of stuffing the ballot box, but it just illustrates that voting for "The Garden" 37 times just goes to show how much you actually like that piece of work. So without further ado...etc...

John Foxx Album Survey
Which is your favourite John Foxx album ? [109 votes total]

Ultravox ! (1) 1%
Ha ! Ha ! Ha ! (5) 5%
Systems of Romance (13) 12%
Metamatic (27) 25%
The Garden (29) 27%
The Golden Section (10) 9%
In Mysterious Ways (20) 18%
Cathderal Oceans (1) 1%
Shifting City (3) 3%
The Pleasures of Electricity (0) 0%

So there you go. The grace and beauty of The Garden just gets the better of the harder metallic edge of Metamatic, with In Mysterious Ways picking up the majority of the "Let's annoy Phil Marsh" vote. There'll be another album vote once the forthcoming rash of Metamtic releases have hit the streets.

In the meantime, I've got together with those nice people at and put together a new poll on the best bit of Foxx 7-inch vinyl you ever purchased. Unfortunately I'm only allowed ten options, so fans of "A New Kind Of Man" and the "In Mysterious Ways" singles may be disappointed.

John Foxx Best Single Survey
Which is your favourite John Foxx Single ?

Current Results
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